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[News] Learn Chinese - 越……越……
越越[yu yu ] ;more and more with 越 ... 越... (yu... yu...) is used frequently in Chinese to express that some quality or state is increasing with time, or in tune with another factor. There are two forms of this pattern, the simple one...
[News] Learn Chinese word 甚至 shèn zhì
甚至 (shn zh) is similar to even in English and is used for emphasis. Like even, it can be used quite directly or in a more subtle manner. When used more subtly it acts to supplement the speakers initial thought, creating the impression t...
[News] 【Learn Chinese character--又 】
Whenever you want to express something like you did it again! in Chinese, you may want to use 又. It is Expressing time and date, Referring to the past. Structure: Subject + 又+Verb+了 There are two words for again in Chinese. This dep...
[News] 【成语:隔墙有耳 gé qíang yǒu ěr】
g qang yǒu ěr 隔 墙 有 耳 means that the walls have ears. 隔 (g): next to 墙 (qing): wall 有 (yǒu): have 耳 (ěr): ear g zhe y do qing , yě yǒu rn tōu tīng 。 隔着一道墙,也有人偷听。 bǐ y j shǐ m m shāng li...
[News] 【你少臭美了!Don't flatter yourself!】
【短语/Short Sentence】 1.dōu zhǔn bi hǎo le 都准备好了。All set. 2. kāi shǐ lā ! 开始啦! Show time! 3.děng děng 。 等等。 Wait up. 4.ch b duō sh sh hou le 。 差不多是时候了。 About time. 5.cng li b 。...
[News] 【成语:画蛇添足 huà shé tiān zú】
Learn Chinese Idiom hu sh tiān z 画 蛇 添 足 hu sh sh gěi sh tiān shng jiǎo 。 画蛇时给蛇添上脚。 bǐ y zu duō y b qi dng de sh , 比喻做多余不恰当的事, yǐ zh nng qiǎo chng zhuō 。 以致弄巧成拙。 D...
[News] 【Word】公司高层职位名称 Corporate Titles
公司高层职位名称 (Corporate Titles) shǒu x zh xng guān 首席执行官 CEO shǒu x ci w guān 首席财务官 CFO shǒu x yn yng guān 首席运营官 COO shǒu x j sh guān 首席技术官 CTO shǒu x xn xī guān 首席信息官...
[News] 【Character】爱 ài
爱 [i] 1. verb [恋] love wǒ i nǐ 我爱你。 I love you. 爱祖国 love ones country 他爱上了一个女孩。 He fell in love with a girl. 2. verb [喜欢] enjoy 爱上网 enjoy surfing the net 爱逛街 enjoy strolling around the s...
[News] 【Character】这 zhè
这 [zh] 1. pronoun [指人或事物] this 这本书写得不错。 This book is well-written. 2. pronoun [指时间] 他这才突然明白过来。 Hes just suddenly understood. 我这就过去。 Im going right now....
[News] 【Character】是 shì
是 [sh] verb be 我是学生。 I am a student. 遍地是雪。 Theres snow everywhere. 我们是3个孩子的家。 We have three children. 他绝不是想省钱。 Its certainly not that hes trying to save money. 是学生就要听老师话...
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