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[News] How to learn Chinese more efficiently
How to learn chinese more efficiently? Many foreigners think that traditional teaching methods is useless for learning Chinese.Therefore, how to make mandarin class more interesting is very important for Chinese tutors. The teaching method o...
[News] How to learn mandarin fast
How to learn mandarin fast? Many foreigners may be puzzled about this question.Actually learning mandarin fast isnt a difficult problem. So what can you do for your learning? Mandarin Morning chinese school is a good choice.You can find prof...
[News] Chinese language school in shanghai
There are many chinese language schools in shanghai,but for many foreigners who want to learn chinese language,it is a puzzling thing to find an excellent chinese school in shanghai. As the saying goes, a good beginning is a success. And fin...
[News] How to choose Chinese course
For many foreigners who want to learn Chinese, how to choose a suitable Chinese course is a puzzling thing. In fact, if you want to know what kind of Chinese course you are suitable for, you should first know what Chinese courses are. For Ma...
[News] Learn chinese in shanghai
If you want to learn chinese in shanghai,come to learn chinese at Mandarin Morning . Mandarin Morning is an established and well recognized Language Study Center located in the center of Shanghai. From language exchange to specialized classe...
[News] Learn Chinese - 越……越……
越越[yu yu ] ;more and more with 越 ... 越... (yu... yu...) is used frequently in Chinese to express that some quality or state is increasing with time, or in tune with another factor. There are two forms of this pattern, the simple one...
[News] Learn Chinese word 甚至 shèn zhì
甚至 (shn zh) is similar to even in English and is used for emphasis. Like even, it can be used quite directly or in a more subtle manner. When used more subtly it acts to supplement the speakers initial thought, creating the impression t...
[News] 【Learn Chinese character--又 】
Whenever you want to express something like you did it again! in Chinese, you may want to use 又. It is Expressing time and date, Referring to the past. Structure: Subject + 又+Verb+了 There are two words for again in Chinese. This dep...
[News] 【成语:隔墙有耳 gé qíang yǒu ěr】
g qang yǒu ěr 隔 墙 有 耳 means that the walls have ears. 隔 (g): next to 墙 (qing): wall 有 (yǒu): have 耳 (ěr): ear g zhe y do qing , yě yǒu rn tōu tīng 。 隔着一道墙,也有人偷听。 bǐ y j shǐ m m shāng li...
[News] 【你少臭美了!Don't flatter yourself!】
【短语/Short Sentence】 1.dōu zhǔn bi hǎo le 都准备好了。All set. 2. kāi shǐ lā ! 开始啦! Show time! 3.děng děng 。 等等。 Wait up. 4.ch b duō sh sh hou le 。 差不多是时候了。 About time. 5.cng li b 。...
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