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Savory breakfast, Chinese style

  Jianbing (egg pancake) is China's most popular street breakfast.
  Jiaoquan (fried ring) and douzhi (fermented bean juice) are signature breakfast items for Beijingers but are shunned by visitors because of douzhi's stinky odor.
  Youtiao are deep fried bread sticks made of dough and served hot. It’s usually eaten with soy milk.
  Doufu Nao (smooth silken tofu) is a popular breakfast in North China.
  A warm bowl of congee is a good way to start a cold winter day.
  Chinese tea eggs are delicious as a snack or as breakfast, in which a hard-boiled egg is cracked and then boiled again in tea, sauce and spice.
  Hulatang (black pepper soup) is a spicy soup said to originate from Henan province. Don't miss the special breakfast when you visit Zhengzhou.
  Steamed pork buns (Chashaobao) are a popular dim sum in Cantonese-style breakfast.
  Ramen, or hand-pulled noodles, are a staple throughout Northwestern China, especially in its birth city Louzhou, where the hot noodle soup is eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  Sheng Jian, the most famous snacks in Shanghai, are often eaten during breakfast.

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