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【Learn Chinese】the 4 tones, 学习4声

  There are four tones in Chinese, as shown in the table below:
  The tones are used to distinguish meanings of a syllable. Characters with different tones have different meanings.
  练习一下吧。 Practice it.
  The way to mark the tones
  汉语的四个声调分别用“ - / ∨ \”表示。 当一个音节只有一个元音时,声调符号标在元音上,当一个音节的韵母有两个或三个以上元音时,声调符号要标在主要元音上。
  The four tones are indicated respectively with the following four tone marks: “- / ∨ \” They are marked over the main vowel.
  Neutral Tone
  In common speech some syllables are pronounced at a light and short tone. Such tone is called the neutral tone, which is indicated with no mark. e.g.: bàba (father) māma (mother)

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