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【Learn Chinese character--又 】

  Whenever you want to express something like "you did it again!" in Chinese, you may want to use 又. It is Expressing time and date, Referring to the past.
  Structure:Subject + 又+Verb+了
  There are two words for "again" in Chinese. This depends on whether the repetition has happened, or whether it's going to happen. If the repetition has happened, i.e. it's a repetition in the past, 又 is used.
  Notice that 了 is used as the action is complete.
  nǐ yòu chí dào le.
  你  又  迟  到 了。
  You came late again.
  One of the may versatile uses of 又 is to emphasize negation, giving your negative sentence a little kick! It is Expressing attitude, Emphasizing.
  Structure:又+Negative words
  In this structure, we emphasive what comes after the 又. Afterward, we add a negative verb or adjective. This grammar structure is often used in an accusatory context.
  wǒ yòu bù chī , nǐ suí biàn.
  我  又 不  吃 ,你  随  便。
  I'm definitely not eating it, do what you want with it.
  【Have a try】
  A: 再
  B: 又

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