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Q: Traditional, Simplified, Cantonese and Mandarin – when should we use what?

Here’s a list of preference for key Asian countries with a large proportion Chinese speakers.
China: Simplified / Mandarin
Hong Kong: Traditional / Cantonese
Macau: Traditional / Cantonese
Taiwan: Traditional / Mandarin
Singapore: Simplified/ Mandarin
Malaysia: Traditional / Mandarin
In Australia, Chinese language media are a mix of all of these, depending on their audience. So your advertising material should match the language used. The Australian Chinese Daily uses Traditional Chinese characters, so your advertising should match that. Radio 2AC broadcasts in Mandarin. The majority of Australia’s local online publishers use Simplified Chinese.
As a very, very general rule, most Chinese print media use Traditional characters, for online it’s Simplified and for radio it’s an even 50/50.

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