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What?! A Woman Injects Herself with Juice...

What?! A Woman Injects Herself with Juice...
Ms. Zeng, 51, a native of Hunan province, is especially fond of health and beauty maintenance. When she hears of a new health trend, she instantly wants to jump on board.
On the afternoon of February 22, Ms. Zeng suddenly came up with an idea. 
She began juicing over 20 various types of fruit, filtering them, and then feeding them to herself intravenously.
After the at-home infusion, Ms. Zeng immediately felt her skin become itchy and hot. She tried to remain calm though.
Later that evening, her husband noticed she was uncomfortable and a difference in her skin so he immediately rushed her to the hospital.
In the early morning of February 23, the hospital found that Ms.Zeng a had severe systemic infection, coagulation dysfunction. Her liver, kidney, heart, and other important organs were damaged to varying degrees.
Luckily, her husband got her to the hospital so that medical personnel could rescue her quickly.
After five days of emergency treatment, Ms. Zeng was finally out of the danger zone.
"I thought fresh fruit was rich in nutrition, but I didn't know it would cause such a stir." Ms.Zeng regretfully noted.
Doctors warn that arbitrary injection may lead to liver and kidney function damage and be life-threatening. 

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