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7 tips for learning chinese

Do you want to learn about how to learn Chinese effectively?I notice that a few students still can't learn Chinese well there're so many resources around them, so what's the problem? The problem is they (may also including you) don't know how to learn it well. So in this article, I’ll present to you 7 useful tips, and these tips also apply to the study of any other languages.
1. Don’t learn just a word, learn the whole sentence.
When you feel that learning Chinese words is difficult, you can choose a word in the morning or in the evening before this day, look at how to use it, find some examples and context. You can also prepare some phrase which you can use during the day in advance. Then just go out and use it! Use it at least 3 times, and then you will definitely remember them. You also can try to use the same phrase with different people. The most important is just to use it as much as you can.
 2. Use what you've learned in real life.
After you learn the words and grammar, it's time to use them in real life! Feel free to order a pizza on the phone in Chinese, reserve a table in the restaurant in Chinese, pick up a girl or guy that you like in Chinese! Do whatever in Chinese as much as you can. First, you'll never forget the things that you learned by practicing. And second, you'll be more inspired to learn more.
3. Make a good plan for your Chinese study. 
You should make a plan for your Chinese learning. Because it makes the study more organized and makes you follow through easily. The frequency of learning Chinese is also very important. I suggest you to learn at least three times a week. The best situation is that a teacher urges you to complete the task. If you are less busy, then I suggest you to learn Chinese about 5 times a week. For each time, 1 or 1.5 hours is enough.
4. You can memorize the words that share the same root together.
Such as "电话 (diàn huà) telephone", "电脑 (diàn nǎo) computer", "电影 (diàn yǐng) movie". They all share the root "电 (diàn) electricity". The way you memorize the words will be just like building blocks.
5. Find a good teacher.
It would be best if you have a teacher to teach you to step by step from zero. To be honest, Chinese is not one of the easiest languages to learn, so self-study might be a bit tough for you. But make sure to hire a professional teacher, who knows how to teach. Don't waste your time, energy and money with the teachers and tutors who never got trained and have no experience in Chinese teaching.
6. Make friends with Chinese people. 
Having a few friends that speak your target language is so important! They can give you a little help on Chinese learning, and you can talk to them in Chinese from morning till night, you are going to learn the most fashionable buzz words. What's more, you will also learn some Chinese culture from them. And now more and more Chinese people like making friends with foreigners and like to do a language exchange, so feel free to make friends with them! 
7. Watch Chinese videos. 
Only in Chinese videos, you'll learn the real and authentic language. You're going to learn some words, idioms, expressions, and structures that you will not learn from textbooks. Another good function of it is to practice your listening. Even if you're a beginner, it also has a great function for you. It can help you correct your pronunciation. 

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