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The first way to use “can” is 会 huì. 会 huì is used to express skills that we are able to do because we have learned it. It can be for example swimming, riding a bike or playing the piano. To have a better understanding of the idea, you can replace “can” by “know how to”:
• 我会游泳
wǒ huì yóuyǒng
I can swim (I know how to swim)
• 我的妹妹不会骑自行车
wǒ de mèimei bù huì qí zìxíngchē
My little sister can’t ride a bike (doesn’t know how to ride a bike)
• 老师会弹钢琴
lǎoshī huì tán gāngqín
(My/our) teacher can play the piano (knows how to play the piano)!
And if you have the chance to come to China, one of the most common sentences that you will hear is:
nǐ huì shuō zhōngwén ma?
Can you speak Chinese?
You can answer this question in different ways:
会 huì
Yes, I can
不会 bù huì
No, I can’t
一点点 yī diǎn diǎn
A little bit
马马虎虎 mǎmahǔhǔ

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