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[News] Grammar - 要知道(yāo zhī dào )
要知道(yāo zhī do ) :you should know,it is important to note E.g. 1.nǐ yāo zhī do , wǒ bnɡ b xiānɡ xn tā 。 你 要 知 道 , 我 并 不 相 信 他 。 I didnt believe him,mind you. 2.yāo zhī do , yǒu xiē wn...
[News] G20 tableware inspired by West Lake landscape
G20国宴餐具,青山绿水江南韵味 A set of tableware specifically designed for the G20 Summit welcome dinner in Hangzhou was inspired by the serene waters and beautiful natural landscape of West Lake. Soft yet solid strokes of trad...
[News] Grammar - ...的生活(...de shēnɡ huó)
Aux. Ones speech/saying/words; with respect to; in the event of 用在表示假设的分句后面,引起下文 To indicates a hypothetical, if something happens. It can be preceded by要是or 如果 E.g. 1.jin do tā de hu , t wǒ wn hǎ...
[News] Practical sentences for travelling
出门旅游,有的时候不免需要别人帮忙给我们拍个照片,那么,应该怎样沟通呢? When we go on a trip, we might want others to take a photo for us. Here are some practical sentences for you. E.g. 1.nnɡ bu nnɡ bā...
[News] Reading - Making your time count
每天你做了什么其实很重要,因为你在用生命中的一天与它做交换。但在今天,我鼓励你提高自己的标准,在每一个小时里加入更多的生活元素,让你的时间真正过得有意义。 What you...
[News] Idiom - 大手大脚 (dà shǒu dà jiǎo)
大手大脚 (d shǒu d jiǎo) :wasteful; extravagant; free - handed ;spend extravagantly 原指人手大,脚大。后多用来形容花钱或使用财物不考虑,不计算。这是个贬义词。 出自:清.曹雪芹《红楼梦...
[News] Basic/HSK Vocabulary 15
New words:别、遍、破例 别 bi dont 1.bi zho j 。 别 着 急 。 Take your time. 2.bi fn wǒ 。 别 烦 我 。 Dont bother me. 遍 bin adv. All over 1.qǐnɡ zi shuō yī bin 。 请 再 说 一 遍 。 Please say it again. 2.bǎ k...
[News] Top 5 Great Ancient Capitals of China
The five Great Ancient Capitals of China including Beijing, Nanjing, Luoyang, Kaifeng, and Xian are the most famous ones. They experience the history of China and still stand in this land to tell the generations what happened in the past ti...
[News] Grammar - adj.+ 不到哪去
adj.+ 不到哪去 :not by much E.g. 1.wǒ rn wi tā de hu bǐ nǐ hǎo b do nǎ q 。 我 认 为 他 的 画 比 你 好 不 到 哪 去 。 I dont think his painting any better than yours. 2.tā bǐ nǐ ɡāo b do nǎ r q 。 他 比 你...
[News] Character - 行(xínɡ)as Adjective & Noun
行(xnɡ)as Adjective 1.capable; competent 能干 E.g. 1.b yo yǐ wi zh yǒu z jǐ ci xnɡ 。 不 要 以 为 只 有 自 己 才 行 。 Dont think that you are the only capable one. 2.lǎo wnɡ , nǐ zhēn xnɡ ! 老 王 , 你 真...
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