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[News] Slang - 三十年河东,三十年河西
三十年河东,三十年河西(sān sh nin h dōnɡ , sān sh nin h xī ) Every dog will have its day. 比喻人事的盛衰兴替,变化无常。世事会随着时间发生很大的变化。 东、西,指河的南北岸,从前...
[News] Tip - 100% Natural DIY: 5’ detox water’s for summer
Tired of drinking tasteless bottled water? Sick of colorful soft drinks that look beautiful but may contain artificial color? How about making 100% natural and nutritive water that tastes good and can purify your body? Here are the recipes...
[News] Slang - 一问三不知(yí wèn sān bù zhī )
一问三不知(y wn sān b zhī ):deny all knowledge of an event; be entirely ignorant; not knowing a thing. 不管怎么问,总说不知道,比喻对实际情况了解太少。 三不知:指对事的开始、中间和结尾都不...
[News] Scenery of Mount Huangshan in early autumn
初秋的黄山风光 Mount Huangshan,a famous natural resort in eastern Chinas Anhui province, looks pretty in all seasons. A fantastic trip starting from the foot of the mountain leads to endless joy and surprises, sparked by the striking...
[News] Grammar - 像...一般(xiànɡ... yì bān )
像...一般(xinɡ... y bān ):as if; just like E.g. 1.rn men xinɡ ni qn y bān j zi y qǐ 。 人 们 像 牛 群 一 般 聚 在 一 起 。 People herded together like cattle. 2.shān zhōnɡ d xiǎo h pnɡ jnɡ d xinɡ jnɡ zi y...
[News] Central Asia freight train service starts
国内首趟开往阿富汗的中亚班列正式开通 A railway worker gets on the first Central Asia cargo train in Nantong, East Chinas Jiangsu province, August 25,2016. The cargo train left Nantong on August 25 for Afghanistans Hairaran...
[News] Spoken Chinese - 你们管送吗?
你们管送吗?(nǐ men ɡuǎn snɡ mɑ ?):Will you take charge of delivering goods? 管(ɡuǎn ):in the sentence means take charge of ,Here is a colloquialism. 负责、承担的意思。 E.g. 1.ɡuǎn tu ɡuǎn hun 管 退...
[News] 去海滩吧!--Let us go to the beach!
夏天(summer)的时候,很多人大概会选择去海滩玩~ 蓝天(blue sky)、白云(white cloud)、大海(sea)...多美呀~现在一起来学习一些关于沙滩、海滩的词吧。 海岸hǎi n seashore 冰激凌bī...
[News] Slang - 打盹儿(dá dún ér )
春困秋乏夏打盹儿,睡不醒的冬三月,是人们说爱瞌睡的人的口头禅。随着天气的变化,在工作,学习中难念会觉得困乏,你打盹了没? 打盹儿指持续时间在15到30秒之间的小睡状态,...
[News] Culture - To know about End of Heat
End of Heat, (Chinese:处暑) ,the 14th solar term of the year, begins this year on Aug 23 and ends on Sep6. End of Heat that most parts in China are getting rid of the hot summer and entering autumn. But in some areas, especially in Sout...
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