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[News] Learning Mandarin - 2 Reasons Why It's More Popular Today
Learning Mandarin in China becomes more popular as times passes. I think that there are two main reasons behind this development that are interlinked. The first of the reasons is that there has been an obvious and hefty increase in the bene...
[News] Mba Students In China To Lose Their Degrees Over idespreadCh
The college officials also said all master programs in Beijing, Shanghai and Taiwan would have to be suspended because of this. Students are offered to take the comprehensive exam to earn their degree or get a tuition refund, according to D...
[News] Importance Tips to Study in China in Chinese Language
If you are preparing to learn Chinese in China then you must consider some points that will help you to improve your language. Learning Chinese language is a good experience and opens new pathways for many people. Once you have gained fluen...
[News] Chinese Writing and Calligraphy
Chinese is one of the most beautiful and complex writing systems in the world and its also the oldest form of writing that has kept so close to the original. Chinese writing dates back 3,000 years. The first Chinese writing ever discovered...
[News] Learn Chinese Easy - Yes You Really Can
Many think it is not easy to learn Chinese . The nuances in the vowel sounds alone are enough to intimidate anyone. But if you think that you learned the many subtleties of tone in the language you speak... just from hearing it many many tim...
[News] 2013 HSK Test Dates
2013 HSK Test Dates Date Deadline for registration Date of results announced Paper and Pencil Test Internet-based Test January 12 (Sat) December 16, 2012 January 2 February 8 March 24 (Sun) February 25 March 14 April 24 April 20 (Sat) March...
[News] 2013 BCT Exam Dates
考试日期 Test Dates 报名截止日期 Deadline for Registration 成绩公布日期 Date of Results Announced 纸笔考试 Paper- and- Pencil Test 网络考试 Internet-based Test 4月21日 21st Apr. 星期日Sun. 3月25日 25th Mar. 4月...
[News] Evening Classes for Mon,Wed,Fri
Time 7:00-8:30pm Date Monday,Wednesday,Friday Teaching material My junior Chinese One and Two Class Hour/Number of Students 100/2-5 Opening Date 10th December...
[News] Evening Classes for Tues,Thu
Teaching Time 7:00-8:30pm Date Tuesday,Thursday Teaching material My junior Chinese One and Two Class Hour 100 Number of Students 2-5 Opening Date 10th December...
[News] Group Class For Weekend
Date Saturday,Sunday Teaching material My junior Chinese One and Two Class Hour 100 Opening Date 15th December...
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