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[News] 【Learn Chinese】the 4 tones, 学习4声
汉语有4个声调 ,图示如下: There are four tones in Chinese, as shown in the table below: 声调有区别意义的作用,声调不同,意义也不同。 The tones are used to distinguish meanings of a syllable. Characters w...
[News] 【Learn Chinese】就是
就是 (jish) can be used to add many different types of emphasis. It can be used in the following ways: To intensify adjectives 就是 can be used to modify an adjective to mean really, or really that and nothing else. Structure:就是+A...
[News] Savory breakfast, Chinese style
美味的中式早餐 ,你吃过哪些? 煎饼果子 Jianbing (egg pancake) is Chinas most popular street breakfast. 焦圈和豆汁 Jiaoquan (fried ring) and douzhi (fermented bean juice) are signature breakfast items for Beijingers bu...
[News] Measure Words--笔 [bǐ]
1. 用于账目、款项、交易 E.g. y bǐ kuǎn 一 笔 款 a fund; a sum of money; liǎng bǐ zhng 两笔账 two scores; j xi y bǐ zhng 记下一笔账 keep an account 2. stroke 用于书画等 E.g. nng xiě y bǐ hǎo z 能写一笔好字...
[News] Travel guide to Hangzhou, a paradise on earth
人间天堂杭州旅游指南 Hangzhou is now in the spotlight as the host of this years G20 summit, from September 4-5. Now as Hangzhou has grabbed the worlds attention, tourists from various places have gathered to this heavenly city to...
[News] Basic / HSK Vocabulary 17
别 bi dont E.g. 1.bi zho j 。 别着急。 Take your time. 2.别烦我。 bi fn wǒ。 Dont bother me. 遍 bin adv. all over E.g. 1.请再说一遍。 qǐng zi shuō yī bin. Please say it again. 2.把课文再读一遍。 bǎ k wn zi d y...
[News] Culture - Hundred-bird clothing 百鸟衣
苗族华服百鸟衣 苗族百鸟衣是苗族妇女在节日等重要时刻穿着的珍贵盛装。百鸟衣製作工序复杂,色彩绚丽,由苗族土布、各色锦缎丝绸和美丽的鸟类羽毛拼合而成,上面绣有花、鸟、...
[News] Idiom - 精打细算 [jīng dǎ xì suàn]
精打细算 [jīng dǎ x sun] careful calculation and strict budgeting; budget carefully 计算得非常精细。 在这里,打和算都是计算、计划的意思。 这个成语可以用来说明某人能合理的安排生活,使用钱...
[News] Usage of "地 de"
结构助词 地 是连接状语(adverbial)与中心语的,是状语的主要标志。 Basic Structure:状语 + 地 + v. 1. 副词(adv.)作状语一般不加地,有的双音节副词强调修饰作用时可加地。 E.g. 天渐渐...
[News] Old Slang - 狗改不了吃屎
狗改不了吃屎 [gǒu gǎi b liǎo chī shǐ] Literally means The dog cant change eat shit. You cannot make a crab walk straight.The leopard cannot change his spots. (derogatory term) 喻本性难改,坏毛病改不了。(贬义词...
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