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[News] China launched manned space mission Shenzhou 11
10月17日7时30分,搭载着神州十一号载人飞船的长征二号F遥十一运载火箭在酒泉卫星发射中心成功点火升空。 After the launch, the taikonauts will dock with the Tiangong 2 space laboratory , where they wil...
[News] Blue mushroom, China’s new internet meme
Do you see this meme on the internet these days? What is the meaning of the meme 蓝瘦,香菇 ? The reference to 蓝瘦香菇 comes from a video clip that went viral where a young man in Nanning, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, compl...
[News] 【Grammar】要看[yào kàn]
要看[yo kn] :depend on:zh yo kn nǐ zěn me kn di tā 。 E.g. 1.这要看你怎么看待它。 It depends how you look at it. 2.yo kn qng kung r dng。 要看情况而定。 It all depends. 要看[yo kn]:want to see; need to read E.g...
[News] 【Grammar】来不及 & 来得及
来不及 [li bu j] :theres not enough time (to do sth.);its too late; 因时间短促,无法顾到或赶上。 e.g. 1.gǎn tu bān chē kǒng p li bu j le 。 赶头班车恐怕来不及了。 Im afraid its too late to catch the first...
[News] Lamas perform cham dance in China's Tibet
The dance, called cham in the Tibetan language , is believed to ward off disaster and ghost and bring luck and happiness. The dancers, usually lamas, wear masks of various animals and mythical figures as they perform to the accompaniment of...
[News] 【Idiom】一哄而散
一哄而散 [yī hng r sn] :break up in an uproar; disperse in an uproar; scatter at one command;形容聚在一起的人一下子吵吵嚷嚷地走散了。多指随便地、自发地散去或吵闹着散去。一般作谓语、定语。...
[News] Chinese proverb Collecting Ⅱ
1、 今日事,今日毕 [jīn r sh , jīn r b] (Todaystask, todays job to complete.) Dont put off until tomorrow what can be done today. 2、求人不如求己 [qi rn b r qi jǐ ] (Its better torely on yourself than on the help of othe...
[News] 【Grammar】要去 [yào qù]
要去[yo q] :要[yo]:want/need... E.g. 1.tā yo q niǔ yuē。 他要去纽约。 Hes going to New York. 2.wǒ yo q jiǔ bā chng yǐn y bēi。 我要去酒吧畅饮一杯。 Im off down to the pub for a quickie. 3.wǒ yo q chāo sh mǎ...
[News] Chinese Idiom Collecting
1、 覆水难收 [f shuǐ nn shōu] (Spilt water is hard to recover.) Theres no use crying over spilt milk. 2、捷足先登 [ji z xiān dēng] (A fast foot isfirst to climb.) The early bird gets the worm. 3、同病相怜 [tng bng xiāng...
[News] 【Measure Word】包 bāo
包 bāo :用于成包的东西 (bale; box; bundle; package; pack; packet; sack) e.g. 1.y d bāo yī fu 一大包衣服 a big bundle of clothes 2.y bāo xiāng yān 一包香烟 a packet [pack] of cigarettes 3.liǎng bāo d mǐ 两包大米...
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