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[News] 【Travel】Enjoy Beijing's autumn, its best time
The best place to stay in autumn is Beijing, said Chinese celebrated writer Lao She in his Rickshaw Boy. As a local Beijing resident, Lao She spends a lot of his ink on describing the capital. In his view, there are four best Chinese cities...
[News] Basic / HSK Vocabulary 15
高 gāo adj. tall E.g. 1.他比我高。 tā bǐ wǒ gāo 。 He is taller than me. 2.这座大楼很高。 zh zu d lu hěn gāo 。 This building is tall. 打针 dǎ zhēn n. injection E.g. 1.我讨厌打针。 wǒ tǎo yn dǎ zhēn 。 I...
[News] Usage of 嫌[v.]
嫌 [xin] :verb. to express dissatisfaction; dislike 厌恶,不满意 造词: xiny 嫌疑 suspicion xinyfn 嫌疑犯 a suspect xinq 嫌弃 cold-shoulder xinw 嫌恶 detest xinx 嫌隙 enmity, ill will, grudge E.g. 1.xin m fan 嫌麻烦...
[News] 【New Words】凑合
凑合 [cu he] :passable; not too bad; get by 将就;勉强适应或应付 E.g. 1.zh běn xiǎo shuō zěn me yng? -- hi cu he 。 这本小说怎么样?-- 还凑合。 What do you think of this novel? -- Not too bad. 2.wǒ de h ln yǔ...
[News] 【New Words】向往
向往 [xing wǎng] :yearn for; look forward to; be attracted toward 因热爱、羡慕某种事物或境界而希望得到或达到。 E.g. 1.tā xing wǎng w jū w sh de shēng hu。 他向往无拘无束的生活。 He longed for a fre...
[News] 【Idiom】事与愿违
事与愿违 [sh yǔ yun wi] :get the opposite of what one wants; The result is [turns out] contrary to ones expectations.; not go according to plan 事情的发展与愿望相反,指事情没能按照预想的方向发展。 与:和...
[News] New words 亲手(qīn shǒu)
亲手(qīn shǒu) :personally; with ones hands;oneself 副词,自己动手 E.g 1.nǐ qīn shǒu zu zu 。 你 亲 手 做 做 。 Do it yourself. 2.zh sh tā qīn shǒu zhǒnɡ de huā 。 这 是 他 亲 手 种 的 花 。 This i...
[News] Proverbs 天下没有不散的筵席
天下没有不散的筵席(tiān xi mi yǒu b sn de yn x) :There are no banquets on earth that dont disperse. All good things must come to an end.指团聚是相对的,终究是要分离的。 E.g 1.tiān xi mi yǒu b sn de yn x ,...
[News] Spoken Chinese 话是这么说,可是...
话是这么说,可是... (hu sh zh me shuō , kě sh...): Meaning; to disagree with or disapproved of whatever the other person said gently. E.g. 1.hu suī zh me shuō , dn tā de shēnɡ yīn lǐ qu li lu chū le y dīnɡ din r yu y...
[News] Culture—— Miao people celebrate local festival
金秋苗寨迎客来 Villagers waited for visitor a local festival in Wuji Village under Anchui Township of Miao Autonomous County of Rongshui, south chinas Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Sept.24,2016. Activities including catching fish...
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