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[News] 【Culture】Handicraft of Miao people preserved well
苗家手工制品,完美保存延续。 Villager Liao Meiwu (1st L) weaves cloth in Wuji Village, Rongshui Miao Autonomous County, south Chinas Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Sept. 25, 2016. Handicraft of Miao people is preserved well...
[News] 【Grammar】别提多……了 [bié tí duō … … le]
E.g. nr de shuǐ guǒ bi t duō xīn xiān le 。 那儿的水果别提多新鲜了。 The fruit there is really really fresh. hi zi men kn mǎ x sh bi t duō gāo xng le 。 孩子们看马戏时别提多高兴了。 The children had the t...
[News] Grammar - 一同(yì tónɡ)
一同(y tnɡ):adv.together with; in the company of ; together; at the same time and place 副词。一齐;一起。表示同时。 E.g. 1.y tnɡ ɡōnɡ zu 一 同 工 作 Work together 2.tā yāo qǐnɡ tānɡ mǔ y tnɡ q 。 她...
[News] Idiom -词不达意 cí bù dá yì
The language fails to express the meaning; The words fail to convey the meaning.---poorly expressed;senseless;inarticulate 指词句不能充分、确切地表达思想感情。 词:言词 ones words 意:意思 meaning E.g. 1.tā c b d...
[News] 【Travel】Best places to enjoy autumn's golden landscapes
秋日最佳旅游景点推荐 This is the best time of the year for hikers and photographers to capture the beauty of nature and here are the places where you can enjoy breath-taking scenery in China. As the autumn reaches its peak, golden...
[News] 【Grammar】什么都/也 [shén me dōu / yě]
什么...都/也 (shnme...dōu/yě) is a pattern often used to express all or everything. This pattern also works with other question words, such as 哪儿 and 什么时候 in Chinese grammar. The structure is very clear, as many Chinese gr...
[News] 4 places to spend Mid-Autumn Festival in Beijing
The three-day Mid-Autumn holiday is in the best season of Beijing, with blue sky, clean air, bright sun and balmy temperatures. Have you made a plan for the precious holiday? If you dont want to go far away and just want to hang around in t...
[News] Basic / HSK Vocabulary 18
一.读 d v. to read 1.他在读二年级。 tā zi d r nin j 。 He is in his sophomore year. 2.我很喜欢读这些书。 wǒ hěn xǐ huan d zh xiē shū 。 I enjoyed reading these books very much. 二.吵 chǎo adj. noisy;disturb 这...
[News] Culture - Inheritor of Songshan wood carving
嵩山木雕坚守者刀尖上的传承 Wang Zhenbei, an inheritor of Songshan wood carving, works on an artwork at his workshop in Zhenzhou, capital of Central Chinas Henan province, July 31, 2016. [Photo/VCG] Songshan wood carving has a h...
[News] 【Slang】碰碰运气 [pèng pèng yùn qì]
碰碰运气 [png png yn q] :try ones luck; take a chance; 图侥幸,好歹试试看。 e.g. 1.png png z jǐ de yn qi 碰碰自己的运气 take ones chance 2.wǒ xiǎng png png yn qi 。 我想碰碰运气。 I want to chance my luck. 3....
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