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[News] Tips: 3 solutions to enjoy mooncakes without getting fat
As a must-have traditional sweet during the celebration, a mooncake carries mixed feelings; some love it because it is so delicious; others hate it because it contains too much fat. But there are four solutions for your to enjoy it without...
[News] Reading - 做到这10点,人生大不同
10 different relaxing tips on how everyone can work to improve intelligence on various levels. 10个生活习惯,坚持做下去,一定能给你的人生带来改变。 1.Instead of watching TV,read a book. This improves your imaginatio...
[News] Travel - Autumn in Longmen
Longmen is a small town located in southwest Hangzhou that is full of ancestral shrines, halls, pagodas, camphor trees, and footbridges from the Qing and Ming dynasties. The town is also home to the largest settlement of descendants of Sun...
[News] Grammar - “了”的动态助词和语气助词
1) 动词+了 (动态助词) 表示动作完成(可用于过去或将来的动作行为) Have done; will be done 句末+了(语气助词) 表示变化(表示情况或状态的变化) Is becoming E.g. 1.d le liǎnɡ bin 读 了...
[News] Grammar- 不太+adj./v.
不太(b ti ) :not too; none too;not very much E.g. 1.wǒ b ti j d liǎo 。 我 不 太 记 得 了 。 I cant quite remember. 2.wǒ ɡēn tā rn sh do sh rn sh , ji sh b ti sh 。 我 跟 他 认 识 倒 是 认 识 , 就 是 不 太 熟...
[News] Basic/HSK Vocabulary 16
都 dōu adv. All,both E.g. 1.y qi dōu hǎo mɑ ? 一 切 都 好 吗 ? How is everything? 2.wǒ men dū hu shuō hn yǔ 。 我 们 都 会 说 汉 语 。 Both of us can speak Chinese. 饱 bǎo adj. Have eaten ones fill E.g. 1.wǒ yǐ...
[News] Grammar - 一边...一边...(yì biān..., yì biān...)
E.g. 1.y biān r chū y biān yǔ , qnɡ yǔ w chnɡ s yu tiān 一 边 日 出 一 边 雨 , 晴 雨 无 常 四 月 天 April weather, rain and shine both together. 2.tā y biān zǒu y biān hun ɡ s zhōu 。 她 一 边 走 一 边...
[News] Travel - Yadan National Geology Park
百年风云魔鬼车- 雅丹国家地质公园 Dunhuang Yadan National Geology Park (敦煌雅丹国家地质公园) is a physiognomy landscape formed by aeolian erosion. It is composed of various sculptures, and one may find numerous well...
[News] Idiom - 心服口服(xīn fú kǒu fú)
心服口服(xīn f kǒu f) :be sincerely convinced; admire from the heart; admit sb.s superiority; 心里嘴上都信服,指真心信服。从内心到口头上都很服气。 E.g. 1.wǒ men du tā de kǒu ci xīn f kǒu f 。 我 们...
[News] Travel guide to Hangzhou, a paradise on earth
人间天堂杭州旅游指南 Hangzhou is now in the spotlight as the host of this years G20 summit, from September 4-5. Now as Hangzhou has grabbed the worlds attention, tourists from various places have gathered to this heavenly city to...
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