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[Students Comments] Thomas
Hi,I am Thomas, I studied in mandarin morning last year. I learned a lot here. I felt Chinese people were not passionate when I was in my country, but now I have changed my idea .I think Chinese people are very enthusiastic and they are w...
[Students Comments] HeHua
My Chinese name is HeHua, HeHua means Lotus in Chinese. I am a student from US. I have studied in mandarin morning for 10months. The teachers in Mandarin Morning are very patient and friendly. So, if you want to study mandarin, please conta...
[Students Comments] Mary
My name is Mary, I am French. I studied in mandarin morning around 3 month. I met a lot of good friends here, and I like my teachers very much. She taught me in a very effective way, so, right now, I can communicate with Chinese people and...
[Students Comments] LiBai
I am a student from Europe, My Chinese name is LiBai. I am happy to study in Mandarin Morning for 1 year. I think it is a wonderful study experience, and there are many excellent teachers. I like mandarin morning....
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