【Learn Chinese】Chinese Lesson: Going to the Dentist (Part 2)

We have already learned some key dentist vocabulary.
You’ll notice a common theme throughout those words, the character 牙 appears in a high proportion of them. Why exactly?
牙 actually means tooth. Although listed above as 牙齿, this is often shortened.
The measure word for teeth in Chinese is 颗 kē.
Here are some useful phrases that include some of the words we have learned before:
I have bad toothache: wǒ yá téng dé hěn lìhài 我牙疼得很厉害
I’m going to the dentist tomorrow: wǒ míngtiān qù kàn yáyī 我明天去看牙医
Can I book an appointment? wǒ kěyǐ yùyuē ma? 我可以预约吗?
My teeth are yellow: wǒ de yáchǐ shì huángsè de 我的牙齿是黄色的
I need my tooth removed: wǒ xūyào qùdiào yáchǐ 我需要去掉牙齿
I want to be a dentist: wǒ xiǎng dāng yáyī 我想当牙医
Visit your dentist every year: měinián bàifǎng nǐ de yáyī 每年拜访你的牙医