【Learn Chinese】Chinese Lesson: The Solar System

The Solar System in Chinese is actually very simple to learn! All the planets in Chinese are assigned an element to help you identify them.
Chinese astronomy can be dated back to the Chinese Bronze age (2000 BC). In fact, the famous Chinese zodiac signs are correlated to the 11.85-year orbital period of Jupiter.
Here are the names of the planets in Chinese:
太阳系 (tài yáng xì) – Solar System
太阳 (tài yang) – Sun
水星 (shuǐ xīng) – Mercury
金星 (jīn xīng) – Venus
地球 (dì qiú) – Earth
火星 (huǒ xīng) – Mars
木星 (mù xīng) – Jupiter
土星 (tǔ xīng) – Saturn
天王星 (tiān wáng xīng) – Uranus
海王星 (hǎi wáng xīng) – Neptune
冥王星 (míng wáng xīng) – Pluto