【Learn Chinese】Chinese Internet Slang (Part 2)

As you may expect, the internet has been a fertile breeding ground for the creative use of language. Internet slang in Chinese is 网络语言 (wăng luò yŭ yán).
Here’s part 2 of a small selection of some of the most common words and expressions you’re likely to see.
亲 qīn (Dear)
A term of endearment used online.
萌萌哒 méngméngdā (Adorable)
Internet slang to say something is totally cute or adorable.
大神 dàshén (Guru)
Somebody online who is an expert or a guru in a certain activity.
孔雀女 kŏngquènǚ (Spoiled Rich Girl From The City)
An interesting term since it literally means “peacock girl”.
凤凰男 fènghuángnán (Country Boy Who Marries A City Girl)
Usually used to denigrate a boy from the countryside who comes to the city and marries a city girl but who is still seen as an unsophisticated peasant.
火星文 huŏxīngwén (“Martian language”, Internet Language Used To Speak In Code)
This literally translates as “Martian language” and is used to describe using internet slang or speaking in code so that other people don’t understand or to avoid censorship.