【Learn Chinese】Reasons to Work in China

Thinking about building a career in China? There are tons of compelling reasons why working in the Middle Kingdom might be one of the wisest decisions you ever make.
We’re well into the 21st century and it is now common knowledge that China is a major international player. It makes sense, therefore, that the Middle Kingdom tops many expats’ lists of foreign countries in which to live and work.
In China, it is common for almost anyone with a good idea and enough motivation to found their own startup or business. Additionally, the rise of individualism in China has led more and more young people to chase their career dreams, spurring competition and advancements in industries across the country.
For expats looking to work abroad, a job offer in China is an opportunity to be surrounded by some of the world’s most innovative and energetic minds, with inspiring new projects sprouting up daily. In new companies and long-standing establishments alike, many employers are seeking foreign staff to contribute their unique skills. That might just be where you come in.
The salary
In order to attract and keep talent, salaries paid to foreign professionals across most fields in China are usually above and beyond standard local wages.
These higher-than-average salaries are complemented by the relatively low cost of living in many cities. Thus, expat professionals in China often enjoy comfortable living standards that may even be more luxurious than those of their home countries.
Nowadays, average salaries for foreigners generally range from 20,000-30,000 (or significantly more) depending on qualifications, industry and city. Rent, which is usually several thousand RMB per month, is sometimes included in employees’ compensation packages.
Daily living expenses, utilities and miscellaneous bills can be taken care of with a few hundred RMB per day, or way less if you’re thrifty. On this budget, you’ll have enough disposable income to save, invest, splurge on nightlife, or take yourself on vacation to one of China’s many beautiful destinations during your time off.
While money sure isn’t everything in the quest for career happiness, it is an important consideration and one of the most attractive reasons that many skilled expats call China home.
Landscapes and languages
The vast majority of foreigners working in China will tell you that their favorite part of the day is when office hours end.
The allure of adventure and promise of immersion in a fascinating society rich with over two-thousand years of history are what draw many international visitors to the country in the first place. Securing a job in China is a ticket to accessing all of it, all year long.
In addition to visiting UNESCO heritage sites and cosmopolitan megacities, many expats invest their free time in learning Chinese. Since there’s no better way to improve your communication skills than by living in the target country, working in China is the key to 24/7 language immersion and, eventually, Chinese fluency.