【Learn Chinese】How to Return Items on Taobao

In China, there are plenty of online shopping platforms where cool shopping happens, with Taobao 淘宝 (Táobǎo) standing out as one of the most popular. This guide will help you easily return items you’ve bought on Taobao in case of wrong or impulsive purchases.
Choose the Item to Return
1. Tap on 我的淘宝 (Wǒ de Táobǎo) – My Account.
2. Then on 我的订单 (Wǒ de dìngdān) – My Orders.
3. Choose the item you want to return and make sure that you received the item by clicking 确认收货 (quèrèn shōu huò).
4. Request return/after-sales service by clicking on 申请退款 / 售后 (shēnqǐng tuì kuǎn / shòuhòu).
Choose the Reason of Return
5. First, select the type of return from one of the following options:
仅退款 (jǐn tuì kuǎn) - to refund only 
退货退款 (tuì huò tuì kuǎn) - to return item and refund
换货 (huàn huò) - to exchange item
6. Fill in the blanks, and choose the reason why you’d like to return this item:
退款原因 (tuì kuǎn yuányīn) - a reason for return
If it’s been less than 7 days since you received it, you can choose the option 7天内无理由退货 (qī tiān nèi wú lǐyóu tuìhuò), or return within 7 days without any reason.
7. Submit the request by tapping the orange button 提交 (tíjiāo). It might take a seller some time to approve it, usually they approve within a few hours.
Arrange Door Pickup
Once the seller approves your request, a new button will appear allowing you to send the item back:
上门取件 (shàngmén qǔ jiàn) - door pickup
8. Choose pickup time.
You can choose the time what’s convenient for you (the first option is pick-up within 2 hours), and the address.
9. Receive 4-digit pickup code.
The system will also give you a 4-digit pickup code which you are supposed to tell the delivery guy when he comes, not earlier. He enters it into his phone and gets access to the next step.
寄件码 (jì jiàn mǎ) - pickup code
10. Pay the delivery fee
Once your package has been picked up and you’ve paid the delivery fee, the logistics status will be changing as the package travels from your location back to the seller. Even before it arrives, you will usually get your refund.